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2017 International Graduate Students Handbook


1. Course may and may ONLY be dropped or select within two weeks from the beginning of the course

2. All selected course(s) will appear on your transcript and will affect your overall GPA.

免费拍拍真人直播3. Course(s) with mark(s), in terms of score(s) or grade level(s) (i.e.优,良,中,差,不及格) may not be dropped.

4. Student may not graduate if s/he has failed course(s), i.e. a grade level不及格or a score below 60 shown on transcript; s/he may write the makeup examination if possible or retake the course(s) until s/he passes (i.e. receive grade level above中or score no less than 60) the course(s).

5. Recommendation letter issued in name of any faculty member is considered his/her personal behaviour, hence the School of Electrical Engineering will NOT stamp/seal the letter.

6. Please consult administrative, registration affairs with the school office instead of supervisor. Information about/ Regulations on administrative and student affairs such as course registration, scholarship assignment, admission, and etc. may ONLY be delivered/authorized by the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of International Education.

免费拍拍真人直播7. Student shall contact the School of International Education, the School of Electrical Engineering and his/her supervisor immediately if s/he is experiencing significant mental problems and intends to terminate/extend his/her study.

8. Notices that are not specified above will be delivered to students verbally or in writing throughout their academic study here.

9.All students (1styear and upper years) please register at the School of Electrical Engineering, East Building I 240, before September 13th, 2017. Please bring an ID photo with you.

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